Announcing Cultured Abundance

Dear Readers,

Last September, I created this blog to help people understand cell-based meat. My short-term goal was to write about cell-based meat patents, because I felt like they contained valuable information that wasn’t on people’s radars. The analyses have been read by scientists, investors, entrepreneurs, and many others in and around the industry. I’m thankful that the posts were received so well. I more recently branched out into more businessy content, like my most successful post to date, Vertical Integration in Plant-Based and Cell-Based Meat.

I wanted to continue to provide valuable content to the cell-based meat industry, but the workload was getting to be too much. Among other things, I recently started working as a Business Operations Manager at Mission Barns. The rate of new patent applications has been increasing, and my free time has been decreasing! Additionally, my professional interests are aligned more with the businessy stuff, not the scientific stuff.

That’s why I’m launching Cultured Abundance, a blog solely devoted to the science of cell-based meat. I’d like this new site to further the need that was being filled by the patent analyses—helping scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors go from intermediate to expert on the science of cell-based meat. In the future, we might also publish white papers, literature reviews, and anything else you (our reader) wants.

I will serve as managing editor of this blog, but I’m passing the content creation off to other extremely capable writers (who are actually scientists!). Our first piece is a new patent review by Dr. Faraz Harsini. We’ll also soon publish primers on single-use bioreactors and the use of FBS for cell-based meat R&D.

Since the blog is expanding in scope, we need a small amount of funding to help with operations like paying writers. If you feel like the patent analyses here have been useful, and you want to see Cultured Abundance succeed, I would be tremendously grateful if you supported us on Patreon. This is completely optional, and only for people who can afford it. Nothing on Cultured Abundance will ever be behind a paywall.

Also, we’ll show some sidebar ads on the site to help other organizations get the word out about how they can help the industry. If this is of interest, contact me directly.

Finally, reach out if you’re interested in writing for us! We’re looking for great communicators who deeply understand science. I suspect this will mostly be students who want to get experience and exposure in the space before applying for jobs.

I hope you find Cultured Abundance useful. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Robert YamanComment