What is this website?

Earlier this year, I was working on a new cell-based meat company Kiran. I noticed there was a lack of technically sophisticated resources going deep on the science of cell-based meat. Most discussions were aimed at the general public instead of the industry itself, and didn't go much further than the surface level. 

For example, nobody seemed to know what cell-based meat patents existed. So I spent a couple of hours putting together a spreadsheet containing every patent, and made it publicly available (see "Resources"). Over the last three months, the document has had hundreds of visitors without me having to promote it much. I realized that there was an appetite for more material like this.

I decided to make this site to see what else I could do to build out the intellectual infrastructure of cell-based meat. For now, I'll host a blog and a resources page that I hope will make the entire industry more informed, more credible, and more effective. 

Kiran is on the back-burner while I work on this. I'm also open to new collaborations and projects for the future, so feel to reach out!

Who am I?

I'm an animal advocate, effective altruist, scientist, and software engineer passionate about cellular agriculture. 

Having spent much of my life advocating for farmed animals, learning about cell-based meat for the first time felt like finding cheat codes for an incredibly high-stakes video game. Instead of spending the next decade nudging public opinion little by little, we could skip right to the end: a world where animals are no longer exploited for agriculture because they're no longer the most effective mode of production.

Nothing else seemed as important for me to work on, so last year I left my software engineering job at YouTube to work on cell-based meat. Since then, I have been looking for the most effective ways I can use my skills to move the industry forward.

Contact me at robert [dot] e [dot] yaman [at] gmail, or subscribe to my newsletter